A & R Painting takes great pride in providing attention to detail and quality results that last on every project. Our team consists of some of the best painters in Toowomba, all of whom are professional and provide exceptional customer service.

Why choose us?


Here at A & R Painting, we have some of the best painters in Toowomba and offer an exceptional roof painting service. We provide roof painting for homes and commercial and industrial buildings alike.

Quality service

Quality painting does not come easy, and it takes extreme precision, quality resources and time. Our staff puts in the effort necessary to finish each and every roof painting project in an effective and efficient manner.
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Attention to detail

A sloppy roof painting job tends to look unprofessional and wear down faster. Here at A & R Painting, our painters pay close attention to every detail of the process, ensuring a beautiful finish you will love.

Honesty & transparency

We enjoy working with our clients, and our staff works hard to answer any questions and concerns clients have. You will always know the exact paint we are using, and we can provide any information about the process that you want to know.
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Superior paint

We are an accredited Dulux Painting Company, and as such, we use only superior paint and products. We never use spray paint for roofs because we want results last for a long time!

Consult with us

Your roof plays a large role in the way your home or business appears to others. If you are interested in painting your new home or business or want a restoration, then get in touch with us today. We provide each prospective client with a free, no-obligation quote.
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Our Clients


We take a tremendous amount of pride in each one of our jobs, regardless of how small or large the project may be. Due to this, we are very trusted by our clients. Our clients know and trust each job will be completed on time and to the highest industry standards. We provide a safe work environment, respect our client’s property and remain transparent and honest about every detail. The way it works is simple: our clients give us a budget and we make the most of it, using only high-quality products and providing a superior finish for every job.

We work with many residential and commercial clients including;
  • Hutchinson Builders
  • Bryant Brothers Building Group
  • McNab Builders
  • Dean Lyons Building Group
  • Insurance Work